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    Application for Position : Helper



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    Application for Position : Helper

    Post  Diabolus on Sun Sep 25, 2011 12:48 pm

    Name : Tristan R. Joaquin

    Age: 16

    In game Name : Diab

    Contacts : [FB/YM]

    Location : Valenzuela City near Fatima[main]/ #53 Silangan Park

    Time Of Play a Day :
    Monday 10am-5pm
    Tuesday 8pm-12mn
    Wednesday 10am-5pm
    Thursday 1pm-5pm or 6pm - 12mn

    Ragnarok Experience : I've been playing RO since i was a kid so.. i think it's been 8yrs. now i've never been a Helper/GM but i assure that i can do my job well bec. of my knowledge in Ragnarok. I love you

    Positions: Helper or better if a EventGM/Helper

    Why Do I Want To Be a Helper? : To help newbies/players in Thor-RO. Surprised
    - I know its not a good answer but i really want to help.

    Languages: English , Tagalog , Ilocano Very Happy

    Nationality: Pure Pinoy

    Hobbies and Interests: Surfing the internet , Playing RO , Dota and other games. no physical games actually silent

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