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    Application for Helper



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    Application for Helper

    Post  Saria on Sat Sep 17, 2011 7:38 am

    Name : Mj Malonzo (Joy)

    Age: 19 y/o

    In game Name : Saria, Hyacinth, Moonrock

    Contacts : Facebook Account (Private)

    Location : Valenzuela City

    Time Of Play a Day : My playtime varies every other day. But, almost all the time, I'm online :3

    Ragnarok Experience : Played on pRO for 3 years. Played on other private servers. Maintained a good reputation on both servers.

    Positions: Helper

    Why Do I Want To Be a helper? : I want to be a helper because I know how difficult it is to be new in a game especially when you ask and then no one will help you, or answer you. (I also want to make some events - as possible as I can -) BREAK THE ICE! Smile)

    Languages: English, Tagalog

    Nationality: Filipino

    Hobbies and Interests: Playing online games, reading books, web-surfing, gumala, kumain, matuloooog.

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